Fifth and Sixth graders are known at "tweeners" because they are in between elementary age students and jr. high age students. Not only are they "tweeners", they are also pre-teen. They are looking to break out and be more than just children...yet they don't exactly fit in with jr. high/sr. high students. Because of this, they always feel in between. They often feel they are too old to do the KidCity stuff, and at the same time have trouble fitting in TheRevolution. Because of this, we felt there needed to be a preteen ministry at Colonial. We'd like to introduce CLUB 56.

When: Sunday Morning 11:00 am 

Where: Meet in the large group room in the Student Building.

What: For a great time of teaching, worship, games and other awesome activities!!!

Why: Because it's awesome!

FYI - Future plans are to have retreats, trips, and other cool activities just for CLUB 56!!!