GroupLink is the launching pad for your small group.

Small Groups are made up of six married couples or eight individuals of the same gender that meet weekly in a group member's home for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.

GroupLinks Offered

GroupLinks are for the following type of groups:

Married Couples

Small Groups comprised of married couples in the same stage of life (newly-married couples led by a mentor, couples without children, couples with children, and empty nesters) and area of town.

Men's and Women's

Men and women can join same-gender, singles-only groups or various stages of life groups (married, single, divorced, widowed).


Small Groups comprised of students from the area college campuses. Each group is either all men or all women.

What to Expect at GroupLink

When you arrive at GroupLink, you will be directed to the check-in area, where you will sign in and receive your name tag. The evening is divided into 4 segments (a little more detail about each segment is below).


During the first part of the evening, you'll receive a warm welcome from the event host and a quick overview of what to expect.

Connection Time

The connection time is an opportunity to get connected with people that will be in your small group over some light appetizers. You'll spend time in conversation and getting to know people.

Vision Cast

During the Vision Cast segment, you will learn a little about what to expect from a small group experience. You'll watch a video that takes a humorous look at what a home group is and what it isn't.

Group Launch

To wrap up the evening, each group will sit back, relax, and get to know each other a little bit better. You’ll have some fun with some "icebreaker questions" and plan your first social event.

Ready for Your Next Step?

If you would like to take the next step toward joining a Small Group by attending GroupLink, please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR A SMALL GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions About GroupLink