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Become a Small Group Leader

Small group leaders are an essential component of what we do in Family Ministry. In all of our environments for children, middle school, and high school students, we emphasize a Large Group Environment as well as a Small Group Environment.  In a large group environment, children and students receive sound Biblical TEACHING & INSTRUCTION. But in small group environment, they receive PRACTICAL APPLICATION through the help and influence of a small group leader.

Being a small group leader is more than just showing up once a week to lead a discussion. Being a small group leader means that you have decided to make a strategic, long-term investment in the lives of 8-10 children or students. Outside of a Sunday morning or Wednesday night gathering, small group leaders in Family Ministry are intentional to spend time with their small group in order to develop influence in the lives of those children or students.

As a small group leader, you can make a dramatic impact on the lives of a group of children or students by simply making time to love and encourage them. Being a small group leader could mean calling kids on their birthdays, sending them notes of encouragement, or simply letting them know that you love them. It could mean taking an hour out of your Saturday afternoon to go to a baseball game or dance recital. It could mean buying a pizza and inviting your small group to dinner, a movie, or group activity. Every little act of love and investment is part of building relationships and developing long-term influence with a group of children or students.

Your investment in the lives of your small group will enable you to be a long-term mentor to those children or students, and a long-term partner with the parents of those students. In this role, you will be an essential component in the mission of reaching every man, woman, and child with repeated opportunities to see and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in becoming a small group leader, but are not sure which area of Family Ministry (SonShine Lane, Main Street, Club56, or the Student Ministry) would be the best fit for you, please contact us. We can let you know which ministry is in the greatest need of small group leaders and can help you determine where you could most effectively begin your new relationship with a small group of children or students.

For more information on becoming a small group leader in a specific area of Family Ministry, please contact one of the following people:

KidCity Children's Ministry or Club56: Lori Thomas

High School or Middle School Ministry: Mike Cummings

Join the Special Events Team

Throughout the upcoming year, Family Ministry will host a number of special events that go beyond our normal weekly gatherings, like FAMILY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, MARRIEDLIFE LIVE, BABY DEDICATION, and OVATIONS (volunteer appreciation).

By serving on the SPECIAL EVENTS TEAM , you can be involved with...

  1. Creative Event Planning

  2. The Set-Up or Tear-Down Crew

  3. The Decorating Team

  4. Registration

  5. Greeting

  6. Food Service

  7. And more!

To get involved with the SPECIAL EVENTS TEAM, contact the church office at 940.691.8568.