Our Environments

At Colonial Church, we believe that environments are extremely important. In fact, we would presume that significant spiritual growth in your life has probably been the result of truth being introduced to you in the right environment. The right people, the right setting, the right message. We have found it helpful to use the metaphor of a home as we explain three key aspects of our church life.


The place in your home that serves as the welcome area for guests and new friends. It is the first step, and it's often your only chance to make your guests feel comfortable enough to return. That's exactly how we've designed our entry environments at Colonial. Our Sunday service will be our foyer environment. We want our guests to come back, so we do everything with them in mind. This environment serves as the perfect place to introduce newcomers to the life of Colonial.


Once your guests arrive and are welcomed into your home, you invite them into the living room. Everyone finds a comfortable place to sit, and the interaction begins. At Colonial, our living room environment will be designed to help you connect with people like you. As you get involved and begin to serve, you will begin to develop relationships with others in a smaller and more interactive environment.


Think about it. What is the most popular room in your home? Where do you end up when guests or family come over? Probably the kitchen. This is where lasting friendships are made. And that's the kind of environment we are striving for in our home groups. Home groups are where people meet regularly for Bible study and prayer and commit to accountability, friendship, and support. They are safe places to open your heart, share your life, and ask the tough questions. We currently have several small group meeting weekly. Home groups are the places where ministry happens at Colonial.