Group Leader Resources

Maintain Your Small Group (log-in here)
Log-in to update your group info, add members, and get member info.

Small Group Covenant
(download here)
This is a valuable tool that you can use to protect the health and development of your group.

Small Group Member Assessment (download here)
The purpose of this tool is to take and honest look at where we are individually in respect to the three vital relationships - intimacy with God, community with insiders, and influence with outsiders.

Group Leader Application
As your group nears the end of its life cycle, your Apprentice will need to complete the Group Leader Application.

Membership Application
Small Groups are one of the main points for church membership. If you have group members who are interested in joining the church, they can get their questions answered and begin the application process here.

Sample Icebreakers (download here)
Using an icebreaker is an essential small group skill. They should begin with light and informational questions, then move to deeper and more personal levels as the group progresses together. If used well, they can move the group to experience greater community!

Starter Group Leader Guide
(download here)
Are you leading a Starter Group that formed at a recent GroupLink? This quick resource walks you through the 8-week starter phase, with group facilitation tips and week-by-week objectives.
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