The Colonial Student Ministry is an exciting and challenging place for students, 7th through 12th grade, to come and learn about their relationship with God and each other. We have developed a strategy that will help students find and followJesus.

When does the Student Ministry meet?


5:00 Hangout Time (Food & Games in the Student Building)  
6:30         Jr. High/High School Worship in the Loft
7:20 Jr. High/High School small group
8:00  Dismiss 


11:00 Jr. High Bible study in the Club56 building
High School Bible study in MR-1 (east wing in the main building)

What are some events for Student Ministry?

Unite Weekend-This is the Disciple Now weekend for Colonial, we partner with other churches in our community for a Kingdom event. Click here to sign up for this event. 

Falls Creek-Falls Creek is a BGCO owned and operated summer youth camp located in the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains in Davis, OK. Each week they host over 6000 students and sponsors on the campgrounds.