Sonshine Lane

Sonshine Lane is our small group environment for children 4 weeks - preschoolers. We desire even the youngest child to know how much Jesus loves them! From the moment they enter Sonshine Lane, they will see the huge colorful murals of Jesus’ life shining from every wall. Our warm, inviting class rooms are filled with crafts, toys, games, and loving adult volunteers. Through our “hands-on” curriculum, each child will become part of the Bible lesson for the day to help them experience, learn, and remember truth from God’s Word.

SonShine Lane is open every Saturday at 6:00, and Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. We begin receiving children fifteen minutes before the first worship service. 

Sonshine Lane is:

From the moment you register your child at our computerized Check-In Station, until the time you pick up your child, our trained staff of volunteers try to make you and your child’s visit to Sonshine Lane as simple and easy as possible. Safety and security are always a priority and you are always invited to hang out and watch your children on the security TV’s in the lobby.

Your child will have plenty of fun on Sonshine Lane. Children dive into activities with enthusiasm in the environments designed to help them enjoy learning. When children are connecting with Jesus while they are playing with their friends, they have fun and learn!

Full of Discovery!
Each lesson is packed with surprises, so children stay attentive, eager for the next activity. Our unique teaching tools (we call them gizmos) reinforce the Bible points in friendly and age-appropriate ways. We’ll help children clearly discover the truths of God’s word—in fun ways they'll come home talking about! Our desire is to assist you as parents in helping your child better understand that God made them, loves them and Jesus wants to be their friend forever!