Why Orange?

The color orange holds a very special significance to Family Ministry. Orange symbolizes the beliefs, the vision, and the strategy that we associate with Family Ministry. For Colonial's Family Ministry, thinking orange is all about Transition and Partnership.


We see the color orange a great deal during the fall season, as the leaves are turning from green to orange, the weather is becoming increasingly cooler, the summer time is quickly giving away to a new school year and TRANSITION in general is taking place. Because of the ideas of TRANSITION and change that the color orange evoke, we associate it with that we believe needs to take place in the Church today (that's "Big C" Church - the global body of believers).

Of all the children in America who grow up under the umbrella of a local church, 88% will abandon church entirely as soon as they graduate high school (Family to Family, NAMB). These students will leave, having decided that church is not an option, that Christianity is not relevant, and that a relationship with God means nothing. For the first time in history, the statistics show that church attendance in some areas of America is nearly below the biological growth curve (CityNet Ministries), meaning that believers are not even winning their own children to Christ anymore. So when we use the color orange, we are saying that we need a change. The Church is in TRANSITION.

If the Church truly wants to reach this generation and generations to come, we can not do "business as usual". Instead, we must help to facilitate the TRANSITION that must take place if we want to maximize our influence with the families, children, and communities that are drifting away from, or have already abandoned, Jesus Christ. At Colonial, we believe this change in course for the Church of America can take place through strategic PARTNERSHIP.


Orange symbolizes PARTNERSHIP - the merging (or partnering) of red and yellow to create a brand new color. An orange Family Ministry is about the merging of different ideas, entities, or concepts to create something new and unique. So what exactly does it mean to have an orange Family Ministry?

Most significantly, it means PARTNERSHIP with parents. The facts show that the greatest influence in the life of a child is not the influence of a local church, which may contribute to why the majority of teenagers walk out of our doors at graduation and don't look back. No, the greatest influence in the life of a child is the influence of a parent. In the course of one year, the local church will have (at most) 40-50 hours of quality investment into the life of a child. But in that same year, parents have over 3,000 hours of quality time to invest into their children!

Although 88% of students are walking away from the church at graduation, the same studies show that, when students are grounded in both FAITH and FAMILY, the percentage of those falling away from the church drops to less than 4% (Family to Family, NAMB)