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  • Patsy's House -
  • Children’s Aid Society/ Teen Shelter -
  • Faith Misison -
  • Interfaith Ministries -
  • Pregnancy Help Center - 10 - 20 Volunteers
  • Habitat for Humanity of Wichita Falls -
  • ARC -
  • Christian Women's Job Corp -
  • CASA -
  • Whispers of Hope Horse Farm -
  • Hospice -
  • Wichita Falls Food Bank -
  • Straight Street -
  • Meals on Wheels -
  • American Hospice -
Patsy's House -

Patsy's House

Patsy's House 1411 Tenth Street Wichita Falls TX 76301 940-322-8890
Children’s Aid Society/ Teen Shelter -

Children’s Aid Society/ Teen Shelter

Volunteers provide individualized attention to boost children's self esteem and brighten their lives. Our Volunteer Program is a community of people who share a common interest - a commitment to the protection of children.
Home Page 1101 30th Street Wichita Falls TX 76302 940-322-7671
Faith Misison -

Faith Misison

Consider helping with various activities throughout the year and providing transportation to appointments and opportunities for our clients: jobs, hospital, appts. etc.
Home Page 1300 Travis Street Wichita Falls TX 76307 940-723-5663
Interfaith Ministries -

Interfaith Ministries

Interfaith Ministries is always recruiting enthusiastic, committed volunteers. Some people come seeking to make a difference in their community, others want to meet people and develop friendships, while others are looking to enhance skills and gain experience in the social work field.
Home Page 1101 11th Street Wichita Falls TX 76307 940-322-1365
Pregnancy Help Center - 10 - 20 Volunteers

Pregnancy Help Center

10 - 20 Volunteers

There are many opportunites for Voluteer work at our new Pregnancy Help Center (401 Seymour Hwy.) We are workng hard to get painting finished and many other tasks that are neccesay in order for us to be all ready to move in by the holidays. Here are just a few suggestions of the things we will be needing help with...

-Finish painting
-Tack Strip Up
-Pad Up
-Trees trimmed
-Brick planter fixed
-Cut to ground the metal fence poles
-Tree trimming and other yard projects
Home Page 2300 9th Street Wichita Falls TX 76301 940-761-3432
Habitat for Humanity of Wichita Falls -

Habitat for Humanity of Wichita Falls

Home Page 1206 Lamar Wichita Falls TX 76301 940-716-9300


With our Fellowship and Adventure programs, weekly events provide an opportunity for those individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn new skills and just plain have fun with peers throughout our community. If you are interested in volunteering for or teaching one of these events, please contact our Social coordinator Matthew Mayo .
Many times throughout the year we have special events, coordinated both by our Recreation Committee and our Events coordinator Michelle Crow. Visit our Programs page to find out more about upcoming volunteer opportunities at The Arc.
Home Page 3115 Buchanan St Wichita Falls TX 76308 940-692-2303
Christian Women's Job Corp -

Christian Women's Job Corp

Tutors - to help students with GED, Computers and Career Counseling.

Adminsitrative - to help with data entry, mail-outs, filing and answering phone calls.

General - to help with cleaning and organizing on site

Medical Services- We need Doctors, Optomitrists and Dentists to donate time, services materials to
our participants who do not have health insurance.
Home Page 2301 9th St Wichita Falls TX 76301 940-687-0601


In an overburdened Child Welfare system, CASA volunteers are needed to safeguard the best interests of children who are in state custody in Wichita, Archer, Clay, and Montague counties due to abuse and neglect. A CASAs job is to:

* Interview the child, parents, family members, school officials, health providers and others who know the child’s history;
* Review all records concerning the case, including school, medical, psychological, and caseworker reports;
* Make recomendations to the court regarding a safe, permanent placement for the child.
Home Page 808 Austin Wichita Falls TX 76301 940-766-0552
Whispers of Hope Horse Farm -

Whispers of Hope Horse Farm

Volunteers are a very important part of making this program successful. There are various ways you can use your talents: office staff, greeters, horse handlers, potters barn keepers, maintenance workers, organizers, day supervisors, schedule coordinators, volunteer leaders, and found raisers are needed. Be a part of a great mission to allow those with challenges to become more productive in their own lives.

Whispers of Hope Horse Farm is looking to partner with churches, small and large groups, organizations and individuals who are called to assist us in the continuation of this program. This program can only succeed with God's grace and the support of volunteers.
Home Page Volunteer Form 3545 Parkhill Rd Wichita Falls TX 76310 940-696-8044
Hospice -


We have many opportunities for volunteering here at Hospice of Wichita Falls based on your areas of interest, schedule and special gifts. You may choose to have direct patient contact and visit those individuals at their place of residence or spend some time in our inpatient care facility. You could choose to help with some of our administrative duties or in our bereavement program. We have several special events throughout the year also for your consideration. We have volunteer opportunities to suit everyone who would like to be a part of our program.
Home Page 4909 Johnson Rd Wichita Falls TX 76310 940-691-0982
Wichita Falls Food Bank -

Wichita Falls Food Bank

Home Page 1230 Midwestern Pkwy Wichita Falls TX 76302 940-766-2322
Straight Street -

Straight Street

We need approximately 100 people to effectively run our ministry internally.

1.Teen Nights (Friday and Saturday): Needs range from crowd control, snack bar responsibilities, one-on-one basketball, playing pool, video games, security or being a quest speaker (share your testimony, teach a lesson from God’s word, etc.), planning and event preparation, laundry, painting, decorating, taking photos, etc.

2.Drama (weekly): An outreach to the youth where they can learn how to share what Christ has done for them through drama and creative arts. Needs are transportation during the weekdays, prop/set construction, event coordination with the schools and churches, etc.

3.King of Kings Discipleship (weekly): King of Kings is designed to develop the young men and women mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually using martial arts and the bible as a way to achieve these goals. Needs are painting and wall artwork, ability to travel and encourage, sponsoring a child, fundraising, laundry etc.

4.The King’s Daughter Discipleship (Weekly): Bible study and training to build self-esteem and wisdom specifically for young ladies. Needs are mentors, back up teachers, counseling and strong women of God who are prayer warriors.

5.Community Service/Teen Court: encourages the youth to do their community service at Straight Street and thus hear the gospel and learn the straight path. This ministry teaches the value of work, mostly within the building, cleaning, organizing, setting up for holidays and events, taking care of the yard, etc.

6.Sound and Media: There are multiple opportunities in this area; running the soundboard on Friday and Saturday nights, working with speakers, the drama team, Unplugged, creating and editing video for the website and fundraising, managing our website, Newsletter Editor.
Home Page 807 Austin St Wichita Falls TX 76301 940-716-9898
Meals on Wheels -

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels delivery volunteers are a life link to the greater community for the Meals on Wheels recipients who frequently are unable to experience the world outside their homes. The bright smiles and friendly greetings from the delivery volunteer are as nourishing as the meals. Volunteers go to the neighborhood Meals on Wheels site to pick up a carrier of meals. Following the route directions, they deliver meals to 10-25 people and return the carrier to the site. It takes about an hour to one and one half of a hour. Delivery is midday, Monday through Friday. A car, valid driver's license, and current auto insurance are necessary. Training and assistance are provided.

Volunteers deliver meals once a week, every other week, or once a month. They may go alone, or with a partner. A team of 8 to 10 people from the workplace, church, school, club, or community organization may be formed to deliver meals. Using teams, delivery responsibility is rotated: each pair of volunteers delivers meals once a month. Teams provide flexibility, built-in substitutes, a common bond, and a "working together" experience.
Home Page 1008 Burnett St Wichita Falls TX 76301 940-322-6232
American Hospice -

American Hospice

Hospice volunteers show their caring in numerous ways, visiting the patient and family home, in the nursing home or wherever the patient resides.
Volunteers may assist by:
Being a friendly visitor
reading news or books of interest
running errands
making phone calls
writing letters
preparing meals
being a friend to the family
bereavement follow-up
Home Page 4210 Kell Blvd # 211 Wichita Falls TX 76309 940-692-5555